DC Generators for Telecommunications - Worldwide

DC Generators for the Telecommunication Industry

DC Generators are a prime or standby power supply that are suitable for battery chargers and emergency power supplies of auxiliary circuits to various industry sectors, including telecommunications.

Producing minimal noise when operating, our range of DC generators available for hire or sale are also highly efficient and reliable for many different applications. They have a variable speed engine which allows the generator to work at the most efficient rpm value of the engine allowing the highest fuel efficiency, saving up to 25% in fuel costs compared to other power solutions.

DC Generators for Cellular Tower Backup Power and More

DC generators are ideal for industries such as telecommunication, industrial, transport and military projects that require a constant power source to operate.

DC Generators are highly reliable and are built tough to operate in harsh environments. They can run uninterrupted off a standby battery when there is a main power failure or for sites where no mains are available (off-grid) or there is poor mains available, DC generators represent a better solution for power supply.

DC generators produce power for many applications such as battery chargers or supplying power to auxiliary circuits, high/medium voltage disconnectors coils, signalling devices, monitoring and alarm systems.

The innovative technology utilised in our DC Generators allows for the remote control of units, where they can configure to a remote network control system to monitor and operate the generator if required.

Benefits of DC Backup Generator

There are three main benefits to use DC generators:

  1. Lower Fuel Consumption

    This is achieved through more efficient Variable Speed Operation, the use of permanent magnets and eliminating the need for a coupling or bearing.

  2. Greater Reliability

    There are no rectifiers required on off-grid sites and no Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) required for grid connected sites.

  3. Elimination of Site Electricity Theft

    Only DC power is produced which it not at all useful for running domestic appliances, so electricity theft is eliminated.

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